Fundación Neotrópica

Osa Peninsula

The Fundación Neotrópica works to promote the just and equitable distribution of the benefits of conservation and sustainable development.

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Peninsula de Osa, in the community of Agua Buena de Rincón in the canton of Osa, in the middle of the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, the Corcovado National Park and just minutes from the waters of Golfo Dulce.​

What is done? What is it?

Center for education, training and joint work for the communities of the Osa Peninsula and Neotrópica Foundation, with the objective of empowering the communities of their own development.

It disseminates the biological importance of the Osa Peninsula through the visit of national and foreign students and researchers at its facilities, promoting in this way a healthy integration between the local culture and the culture of origin of the people who visit it, helping create an environment of tolerance and mutual learning that strengthens the capacities of each individual.​


​It was founded in 1993 with the aim of implementing an environmental education process that will help to conserve and spread the importance of the biodiversity that houses the Osa Peninsula, being this one of the places with the highest density and variety of species in the world.​

Some of the Activities in the CEEC - AWT

  • Educational programs.
  • Community Blue Carbon Program.
  • Environmental Education Program.
  • Free Library and Internet service for nearby communities.​​


  • Shelter for 56 people.
  • Heliconia building equipped with training room.
  • Administrative Building with Library, training room.
  • Wireless Internet.
  • Dinning room.
  • Heliconia trail.
  • Protected forest area of ​​12 hectares.
  • Demonstration area of ​​organic production.
  • Area conditioned to install portable laboratories.

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