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Contributing to the
well-being of Costa Rica by connecting donors' values and resources with vetted non-profit solutions


Pura Vida Fighting for Kids

Pura Vida Fighting for Kids Foundation is based on the need to reach out children at social risk in Jacó, Costa Rica. The accelerated growth of this tourist area has generated urban gaps invaded by drug addiction, prostitution, and crime. Therefore, the Foundation has taken the problem very seriously and decided to work to solve it through the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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How We Help

01. Guide Donor Engagement

We help you find the best way to support the cause that most interests you in Costa Rica. With over 20 years of experience, we can connect you with vetted non-profit solutions.

02. Donate with Ease

Amigos of Costa Rica accepts donations via check, credit card, wire transfer, and stock transfers. Donations made to Amigos of Costa Rica are eligible for a tax deduction in the United States. The CRUSA Foundation generously funds Amigos of Costa Rica, including supporting donations made to CRUSA-related projects.  All donations to projects not affiliated with CRUSA are subject to a 3% overhead fee charged by Amigos of Costa Rica.

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Flow of Funds

How we put your generosity to work...

1. You Donate

You donate via credit card, check, wire transfer, or stock, providing Amigos of Costa Rica with your recommendation as to which project you would like to support.

2. Transfer

Upon request by the beneficiary organization, Amigos of Costa Rica transfers funds received (your donation, less any fees) to Costa Rica.

3. Reporting

Affiliate organizations report back to Amigos of Costa Rica annually, ensuring the best use of your donations.

Thousands Needs

Founded by CRUSA in 2000, Amigos of Costa Rica is
a US based nonprofit organization whose mission is to support CRUSA in its commitment to fostering sustainable development in Costa Rica
by connecting donors' values and resources
with vetted nonprofit solutions.

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With your help, we have raised over $1.2 million to help communities combat the impacts of COVID-19.  Your contributions have fed thousands of families, increased access to COVID-19 testing, and supported other important non-profit work that lost funding.

Yet in the third quarter, the unemployment rate hit 24% in Costa Rica, a historic high. The tourism industry has been devastated by pandemic, creating incredible impacts in communities where tourism is a dominant industry. Costa Rican families, children, wildlife, and communities still need your help. Join us in continuing to support Costa Rica during this crisis.