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Amigos of Costa Rica 2019 Annual Report

A Year to Celebrate

2019 was an incredible year of tremendous growth for Amigos of Costa Rica. Total funds raised increased from $1.25 million in 2018 to over $4 million in 2019. The number of Amigos of Costa Rica Affiliate organizations increased, with the addition of 30 new organizations, raising the total number of Affiliate Organizations to 83. In 2018 there were about 766 individual transactions received by Amigos of Costa Rica, and that number rose to 1,500 in 2019.

Amigos of Costa Rica was able to further its mission by responding to increasing numbers of inquiries from individuals, families, and corporations wishing to engage with Costa Rica’s nonprofit sector. Many inquiries involved those seeking volunteer opportunities or other direct collaborations. Amigos of Costa Rica also made important progress in the increase of collaborations that will provide additional support to Amigos of Costa Rica Affiliate Organizations.

Amigos of Costa Rica is thriving. Costa Rica has friends and supporters around the world who have shown how enthusiastic they are to support those working for the wellbeing of a country they love. Costa Rica has innovative nonprofit organizations offering exciting solutions to challenges being faced.

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