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What is Amigos of Costa Rica?

Amigos of Costa Rica is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of philanthropic engagement in Costa Rica. We are based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Amigos of Costa Rica works to support projects of nonprofit organizations throughout Costa Rica.

To learn more, please visit our How We Help section.

How do I make a donation?  WHAT FEES ARE CHARGED?

Donations may be made to Amigos of Costa Rica and the many projects that we support via check, wire transfer, donation of stock, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or Google/Apple Pay.  Donations made by credit card and PayPal will receive an automatically generated receipt, and all other donations will receive a receipt via USPS or email (depending on which contact information we have for you). Donations made to Amigos of Costa Rica are eligible for tax deductions in the United States. Amigos of Costa Rica charges a 3% fee on donations. 

Please make checks payable to “Amigos of Costa Rica” and mail them to the address below.  If you would like to direct your donation to support a specific project, please put the name of the corresponding organization in the “memo” area. Amigos of Costa Rica supports around 100 nonprofits in Costa Rica, so it is important to include a note on the memo line or a letter indicating where you would like your donation to be directed.  (Total potential fee: 3%) 
  Amigos of Costa Rica
  PO Box 748
  West Chester, PA 19381 

Donations by Zelle:
Amigos of Costa Rica accepts payments via Zelle to the email address emily@amigosofcostarica.org. Please include information on the project you would like to support in the memo line, and please email us with your contact information so that we can provide a receipt. (Total potential fee: 3%)   

Donation by Wire Transfer:
Amigos of Costa Rica also accepts wire transfers. If you would like to donate via wire transfer, please advise Amigos of Costa Rica by emailing admin@amigosofcostarica.org to indicate your intention to wire funds, as well as any requests to direct your donation to support a specific project. (Total potential fee: 3% + $15 bank incoming wire fee)
  Amigos of Costa Rica, Inc
  Wells Fargo
  Routing: 121000248
  Electronic Payments: 031000503
  Acct: (please contact admin@amigosofcostarica.org for the account number)
  Swift WFBIUS6S  

Donations of Stock:
Donors may donate stock directly to the Amigos of Costa Rica Charles Schwab account. Upon the donation of stock, the stock will be sold as soon as possible, and then the funds will be sent to the Amigos of Costa Rica bank account to be processed and distributed to the indicated project(s). If you will be donating stock, please email admin@amigosofcostarica.org to advise us of your incoming donating and to let us know which project you would like to support. (Total potential fee: 3% + any fees associated with the sale of the stock) 
  Amigos of Costa Rica, Inc
  Account: 3065-9039. 
  DTC # 0164, code 40 

Credit Cards:
Donations may be made by credit card at www.amigosofcostarica.org.  Usually, these donations will be made via an organization’s dedicated page. Please note that these donations may incur a fee of up to 8.7% (3% Classy, 2.7% credit card companies, 3% Amigos of Costa Rica),so it is best to receive larger donations via other methods.

PayPal donations are accepted at emily@amigosofcostarica.org.  Please indicate in the comment section which project(s) you would like to support with your donation. PayPal donate buttons are coming soon to the affiliate donation pages. Fees on this type of donation will be approximately 5.2%  (2.2% PayPal, 3%Amigos of Costa Rica).  

If you have any questions about donating to Amigos of Costa Rica, please contact: 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Your donation will be tax deductible to the extent allowed under U.S. law.  Amigos of Costa Rica is a 501(c)(3)  organization founded in Delaware and operating in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

I heard about a great project in Costa Rica to which I would like to contribute. Can I donate the money through Amigos?

Amigos of Costa Rica only solicits contributions for approved projects of our registered affiliates.  To view approved organizations and projects, please browse our Affiliates section or Contact Us to discuss your area of interest.

If you would like to suggest a project for consideration, or if you run a Costa Rican nonprofit interested in working with Amigos of Costa Rica, please email us directly: admin@amigosofcostarica.org