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Amigos of Costa Rica contributes to the wellbeing of Costa Rica by connecting donors’ values and resources with vetted non-profit solutions.



Amigos of Costa Rica will be the preeminent advocate for philanthropic engagement in Costa Rica.

Change The world

By the Numbers
In 2023, Amigos of Costa Rica continued to grow.  
Donations reached $6.5 million, and more nonprofits around Costa Rica
became Amigos of Costa Rica Affiliate Organizations.






Vetted Projects


Join Us!
You’re invited to join the community of people working together for Costa Rica’s future.

When someone mentions Costa Rica, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps you have memories of a vacation, time spent studying abroad, or even a dream of one day visiting the country that abolished its army in favor of funding education and healthcare. Maybe you’re from Costa Rica, or you have family and friends who live there. Perhaps you just love sloths.

Whatever your connection is to Costa Rica, we invite you to be a part of the community that is building a bright future for all of Costa Rica’s inhabitants. From efforts to ensure that clean water flows to all living in Costa Rica’s central valley to programs providing educational scholarships or animal rehabilitation, you can join Amigos of Costa Rica in supporting nonprofit efforts across the country.

No matter where life might take us, we can always experience the Pura Vida and be a part of Costa Rica.

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