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In 2020, Amigos of Costa Rica connected over 5,000 donors with almost 100 Affiliate Organizations,
raising over $4.2 million to support Costa Rican nonprofit projects.  






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Make Connection Possible.

Amigos of Costa Rica connects vetted Costa Rican projects with donors who are passionate to provide their support.  By supporting Amigos of Costa Rica, you’re providing a platform for over 100 nonprofits around Costa Rica to connect with donors from around the world who share their mission.

Support Growth.

Amigos of Costa Rica needs your help to support its exponential growth.  From raising just $350,000 in 2016 to over $4 million in 2020, Amigos of Costa Rica has demonstrated that people around the world want to connect with Costa Rica. Your donation helps provide support, services, and guidance to more than 100 organizations in Costa Rica as they grow and scale with us.

Increase Innovation

At Amigos of Costa Rica we have quite the “wish list” detailing ways that we would innovate to better support both donors and Costa Rican nonprofits.  With your support we can improve disaster relief response, affiliate mentoring and capacity building, and fundraising partnerships. Your donations will help us make those dreams a reality.

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