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In 2021, Amigos of Costa Rica continued to grow.  
Donations increased to over $5 million, and more nonprofits around Costa Rica
became Amigos of Costa Rica Affiliate Organizations.
Our 5-Year Strategy: From Rapid Growth
to Strategic Scalability
Our rate of return and substantive impact on Costa Rica has been extraordinary and it is now
time to move forward. Following nearly five years of rapid growth for Amigos of Costa Rica, the Board of Directors and
Executive Director recognized the need to redefine the strategy and
key initiatives to be undertaken by the organization in preparation for the future.

1. Empowering our affiliate partners

With the necessary counseling and mentorship to enhance their own fundraising, marketing, and capacity building.

2. Increasing the transparency

Of our affiliate partners to better serve and educate philanthropists.

3. Serving as champion and advocate for philanthropy
    in Costa Rica

To attract new donors including international businesses, tourists, and Costa Ricans living abroad.

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