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Amor Animales de Nosara

Animal Welfare

Providing core solutions to domestic animal welfare issues within Nosara’s communities.

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AMOR Animales de Nosara is a registered non-profit animal welfare association in Costa Rica, founded in 2016, which focuses on the care and welfare of animals in our community. Our vision for the domestic animals of Nosara involves helping to create a community where they are respected and valued, and their needs are met based on international animal welfare standards. Your generous support of our work will allow us to achieve our goals and create an amazing rescue facility. We want to help as many animals as possible to find loving homes and live long healthy lives.

Project Description

One of the biggest challenges we face within low – no income communities is education, and helping to provide people with the resources they need to take care of their pets. With this in mind, Amor Animales will run a Mobile Unit Program in Nosara and the surrounding villages.

We’ll start by visiting the local villages to assess and survey the current dog population (owned, roaming and community dogs) and determining the underlying factors that influence the relationship between dogs and the community. We will also assess the condition and needs of other domestic animals including cats, horses and other farm animals.

The majority of these animals have never seen a veterinarian. Working with local veterinarians, we can provide on-site examinations, vaccines, parasite prevention, and general grooming at low-no cost. We will also provide education for people of all ages, including: the basics of animal care, disease control and the importance of spaying/neutering.

By providing these services within the community we can make a huge difference in the lives of both the pets and their owners. We will advertise and support the already successful monthly spay/neuter clinics provided by another local organization, Nosara Animal Care.

Animals who are very ill, neglected or abused can be taken to the veterinarian, our facility or one of our foster homes for rehabilitation and re-homing.

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