Asociación Mar a Mar

Rural Economic Development
San Jose
Indigenous Territory
San Pablo de Leon Cortes

Asociacion Mar a Mar is a catalyst for conservation and rural entrepreneurship – helping to build a trail to bring rural villages clients and provide them with tools to serve their clients.

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Recycling & Solid Waste Management
You will contribute to the building of recycling bin systems and containers for solid waste for plastic that comes down the rivers and pollutes beaches and other areas.
Sustaining Organic Gardens in Schools
You will contribute to sustaining a small vegetable and herb garden in schools that feed the children and their families.
Small infrastructure capital for small rural entrepreneurs
You will contribute to needed improvement of the infrastructure of lodging and small restaurants that are important Pymes providing services to clients
Culture & Patrimony Building
You will contribute to the development of oral history and the villages’ ability to highlight their traditions bringing greater self-esteem and pride while making them more attractive to visitors
Job Creation for Indigenous People
You will contribute to the maintaining of trails in indigenous lands used by the indigenous people to access clinics and needed supplies.
Access to Potable Water in the Limon Province
You will contribute to fixing the water systems in small villages including in some schools and clinics. (New wells need to be dug and filters installed.)
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Founding Donor
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Who We Are

Asociación Mar a Mar is a non-profit association dedicated to the development of rural enterprises along "El Camino de Costa Rica". We channel our efforts in two ways. Our projects are aimed:

1) Toward helping communities improve their infrastructure and access to potable water, recycling, & other basic infrastructure as needed; and  

2) Improving their services to hikers---such as lodging, cultural heritage, or tours that would interest them.

How We Work

We do this by:

1) Channeling funds as well as serving as a catalyst for others to bring funds to local development associations;  

2) Bringing volunteers to do small infrastructure projects; and

3) Promoting "El Camino de Costa Rica" and thus bringing clients to the rural entrepreneurs.

This effort provides the communities a source of jobs and economic opportunities to develop their businesses.

Where We Work

El Camino de Costa Rica itself has become a reality for hikers in Costa Rica and soon internationally. The work of the Association must now focus on improving the conditions in some of the poorer rural communities through which El Camino de Costa Rica passes and overall in all locations improving the cultural offerings in the villages.  By bringing this carbon neutral, sustainable tourism, we hope to promote conservation as well as improve the economic development of many rural families.

Cartago Province: Pacayita

Limon Province: Barra de Pacuare, Cimarrones, Rio Hondo, Las Brisas de Pacuarito, Tsini Kicha, Valle Escondido and Tsiobata, Nairi Awari Indigenous People Territory, Pacuare

San Jose Province: Nopoles de Tarrazu, Naranjillo, San Pablo de Leon Cortes

Puntarenas Province: Quepos, Esquipulas, Naranjito

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