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Niñas Sabias (Wise Girls) Menstrual Education Program

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In our beloved land of “Pura Vida,” there is a shadow over the pure life that Costa Rican Girls deserve. In 2020, a staggering 10.6% of total births in Costa Rica were delivered by teenagers, according to the United Nations Population Fund. The vision of Ninas Sabias (Wise Girls) Menstrual Education platform is for all our Girls to become Sanas, Seguras y Sabias. (Strong, Safe, and Wise).

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The Circle is our container. A safe, culturally competent space where all Girls are recognized and loved as they are. Without exception. Niñas Sabias (Wise Girls) Menstrual Education platform celebrates a Girl’s Beautiful Circle.

We strengthen a Girl’s confidence by knowing, loving, and caring for her on her personal female journey by:

- Providing supplies and resources to competently manage menstruation.
- Delivering impactful educational experiences on menstruation and fertility.
- Boosting self-esteem through sexuality and health awareness.
- Strengthening peer bonds and trusted support systems.
- Distributing sustainable menstrual management kits, designed to last three years, to ensure continued schooling.

The Niñas Sabias (Wise Girls) Menstrual Education platform proudly aligns with 6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Good health and well-being
Quality education
Gender equality
Clean water and sanitation
Decent work and economic growth
Responsible consumption and production


The statistics tell the story of an imminent need for this memorable program with impact beyond measure. Our goals aren’t just numbers. They represent the lives and livelihood of hopeful Girls and future generations.

Consider this, in 2020:

- 32 of every 1,000 Costa Rican adolescents between 15-19 gave birth.
- Of these, 13.2% had previously given birth.
- 2 of every 1,000 Costa Rican Girls 14 and younger gave birth (United Nations Population Fund).


What We Do

Girls and young women in both rural and urban communities need us. We are committed to educating and empowering them, including vulnerable populations with higher incidences of teen pregnancy and gender violence. Partnerships with schools, education centers, and community-based organizations create a network of access.

We deliver each Wise Girls Workshop in a culturally competent manner over 5 units. Empowered with 10 total hours of menstrual, body literacy, health, and self-care education, Girls emerge stronger and happier in pursuit of their dreams. Every Wise Girl receives a sustainable menstrual management kit designed to last 3 years. This invaluable resource eliminates one of the major barriers for Girls to continue their studies while managing their cycles in a dignified and healthy manner.

Caring Costa Rican women from the Brunca pueblo lovingly create the kits. As the program grows, so too will their microenterprise.


Our Impact

The impacts of the Wise Girls Workshop are far reaching. Individual Girls, their families, communities, and our environment all benefit. The program:

- Increases school attendance
- Lowers unplanned pregnancies
- Increases self-esteem
- Eases the financial burden of continuously purchasing disposable menstrual pads
- Provides work to seamstresses in local communities
- Lessens harsh environmental impacts


In Mexico, more than 2,000 youth have benefited from Wise Girls Workshops offered across 70 schools and community centers.

Costa Rican Girls will benefit from the program beginning in 2022! A minimum of 40 workshops will benefit approximately 760 Girls during the first year. Wise Girls Workshops will be delivered in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) of San Jose and in rural and indigenous communities (Cabécar, Nnäbe, Bröran, Bribri, Brunca, Maleku, Chorotega, and Huetar).

We have the capacity to triple the number of workshops. Programming will expand as funding becomes available.


How You Can Help

  • Your recurring monthly gift of $30 will provide a life-changing educational opportunity to 5 Wise Girls annually.
  • Your $65 gift will ensure a Costa Rican youth becomes a Wise Girl, equipped with the tools and knowledge to continue her education, and reach her highest potential.
  • Your $1,300 gift will sponsor an entire class of 20 youth in becoming Wise Girls, giving each of them a lifetime gift and positively impacting communities.

All donations are accepted with much gratitude.

* Our current priority is to raise funds to train 16 indigenous teachers, two from each pueblo, to deliver the Wise Girls Workshops. Although we have six Costa Rican teachers certified to teach the Wise Girls Workshop, we believe it is imperative to train local indigenous leaders as the prevalence of teenage pregnancy is 5 times higher among indigenous teens in Costa Rica than in non-indigenous teens (Pan American Health Organization).

For more information please

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