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Social Welfare
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In Costa Rica the government and private programs for children terminate at age 18. Not allowing them the opportunity to transition (completing their education or studies), forces them to the streets daily exposed to violence, drugs, sexual exploitation and other risks.

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The Holy Spirit Association has been successful in providing provisions for the at risk population of Costa Rica for 17 years.  It provides comprehensive physical, psychological, and spiritual care. Services in prevention and rehabilitation are also provided, including the development of skills and moral values that will enable beneficiaries to grow and have a better quality of life.

The Works of the Holy Spirit, has been working hand in hand with communities that are in conditions of vulnerability and exclusion.

The Association provides for basic needs through support, guidance and education restoring moral and spiritual values.  The Association makes sure recipients know their rights, responsibilities, and have respect for themselves and their neighbors while working and generating income.

(*)Youth Shelters of Joy is a model of comprehensive care, oriented to the development of capabilities of the young population, with emphasis in ages from 18 to 25 years, in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion, with the purpose of generating the necessary conditions that will allow them to access a better quality of life and a future as fully integrated citizens into society.

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