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Katherine Stanley Obando

Board Member

Katherine is a journalist, author, and communications consultant who has also worked in nonprofit management, education, and Costa Rica's public sector. Her passion for reducing inequality in Costa Rica has led her to co-found and lead projects including JumpStart Costa Rica and the Costa Rica Corps, both of which focus on engaging volunteers in creating opportunities in low-income rural communities. She is also the former editor of The Tico Times and served as a speechwriter for Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias during his second presidency; she is the English Editor of the international nonprofit organization SembraMedia.

As the co-founder and editor of El Colectivo 506 (elcolectivo506.com), a bilingual media organization focused on in-depth solutions journalism for and from Costa Rican communities, Katherine and her co-founder, Costa Rican photojournalist Mónica Quesada Cordero, headed the team of six journalists from El Colectivo 506 that was honored with the First Honorable Mention of the 2022 Pío Víquez National Journalism Award, part of Costa Rica’s National Culture Awards. Katherine has also been awarded the Mental Health Journalism Fellowship from the Carter Center (USA) and is the Mercury Phoenix Trust HIV Journalism Fellowship.

She lives in San José with her Costa Rican husband Adrián and their daughter Emma, for whom she wrote “Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter,” published in 2016.

"Amigos made it possible for me to fundraise for my first nonprofit project in Costa Rica, thus making an impact on the lives of hundreds of kids we would never have been able to serve without this support. Since that time, I've seen Amigos open similar doors for more outstanding projects than I can count. I am proud to be a part of an organization that builds bridges between Costa Rica and the many people around the world who want to make a difference in this country."