ATEC (Asociación Talamanqueña de Ecoturismo y Conservación)

Environmental Education
Rural Economic Development
Social Welfare
Puerto Viejo
Indigenous Territory

Asociación Talamanqueña de Ecoturismo y Conservación or ATEC (/ah-tek/) for short, is an incorporated, grassroots, non-profit organization. We help visitors arrange activities, hikes, and adventure tours with local guides which helps to support their families and the local economy.

Twelve (12) Pencils
One (1) Dictionary
Twelve (12) Notebooks
One (1) Calculator
Set of the required School Supplies for one student
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In 1987, a group of Talamancan residents started to meet and discuss their concerns about the rapid social, cultural, and economic changes accompanying the increase of tourism to the area. In 1990, we became an incorporated grassroots non-profit organization and called ourselves Asociación Talamanqueña de Ecoturismo y Conservación, ATEC (/ah-tek/) for short.

In our office we can help visitors arrange activities, hikes, educational stuff, adventure tours with the local guides to support their family economy, whatever you've heard you can do in Talamanca Costa Rica, we invented it.

Also in our office we offer everything the "green" traveler needs: recycled art souvenirs, organic sun block and bug spray, even umbrellas and rubber boots.
Buy your souvenirs here and you support our efforts to protect the culture and ecology of this special place.

We serve Cahuita, Tortuguero, Puerto Viejo, Indigenous Reserves, Gandoca Manzanillo, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva, and Playa Negra.

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