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CEDES Don Bosco

Social Welfare

CEDES Don Bosco, is an educational complex of social projection, located in Concepción of Alajuelita, San José, Costa Rica.

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In the formal education modality, CEDES daily receives more than 2000 students from pre-school to the last level of technical high school. In non-formal Education daily receives more than 250 young people. The principal program is the Clubhouse.

We are pioneers in the Science and Technology fairs in Costa Rica. Annually, we organize Don Bosco EXPOTEC, where more than 400 scientific and technological projects are presented to thousands of people who visit the fair.

Educational Social Responsibility

It is a program that promotes an integral growth of young people in social risk who have graduated from our institution and want to major in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM).

Don Bosco Plus seeks to strengthen the human resources area in Costa Rica through the creation of a guarantee fund that will allow us to give opportunities to obtain higher education by means of a reimbursable loan.

It consists of three components:

  1. Young people in social risk
  2. Vocational counseling
  3. Gender awareness

For this purpose, we started with the creation of a Guarantee Fund in the National Bank of Costa Rica, with the sponsorship and initial support of CRUSA, Intel and Amigos of Costa Rica. The guarantees for the loans of this project are exclusive for pre-selected alumni of CEDES Don Bosco; mainly because of their social risk situation and their academic merits. Encouraging and motivating more women to study and get a professional degree is another important objective of this initiative.

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