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Guanacaste Community Fund (GCF)

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Empower a network for change in Guanacaste Improve education and health care throughout the province, provide top-notch private-school scholarships to local kids, or support a wide variety of other initiatives with a general donation to the Guanacaste Community Fund.

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Project Description

The Guanacaste Community Fund (GCF) is a Costa Rican organization that mobilizes economic and human resources, information and ideas to improve life in Guanacaste.

While Guanacaste enjoys high levels of private investment and leads Costa Rica’s tourism industry development, this northernmost province also has some of the nation’s highest incidence of serious poverty and unemployment.

The Guanacaste Community Fund serves as a bridge between investors, donor organizations and philanthropists on the one hand, and social development initiatives and regional organizations on the other. It also assists and advises philanthropic resources and local nonprofits.

The Guanacaste Community Fund (GCF) is an initiative of the The Costa Rica – United States Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA).

What We Support

The GCF mobilizes funds and other resources to support community-based social development projects and groups throughout Guanacaste.

It also empowers local nonprofits by providing training and administrative assistance, organizes volunteers, serves as a forum for sharing experiences, and creates opportunities for cooperation among all types of participants working for the region’s social and economic progress.

Action Areas

The GCF’s goal is to promote sustainable development and improve community life in Guanacaste. This is broad enough to encompass many types of activities in a wide array of fields. However, the GCF’s priority at this time is to support education, regional economic development and the environment.

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