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Wholistic sustainable development for impoverished women/ economical development/ regenerative leadership training/ social responsibility opportunities to raise social impact leaders among the poor/ skills for well being and achievement/childcare/ feeding center

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Love, Empower, Impact!  We provide quality innovative education / mentoring to empower women and their families afflicted by poverty, unemployment, low literacy, forced migrations, social injustices, violence and exclusion. From suffering to thriving!

About Us

Rapidly increasing numbers of unemployed illegal immigrant women and refugees in CR, women head of households and young mothers with very low education, no technical job skill development and means to study who are living under the strains of poverty, have inspired our organization to create innovative quality education grounded in their specific needs, lives and context. Through appreciative inquiry, round tables and house visitations we are able to create programs and processes to accompany this target group through an education that includes the imperative of WHOLISTIC SUSTAINABLE CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION.

The result, participants cultivate skills for well being, for achievement and for social responsibility, they build support systems, they learn transformational values to create behaviors for success and they gain entrepreneurial/ employability skills for economical development as a central way to transform their lives, families and communities.

Our Impact

Juanita is a great example of a transformed life through our program. In five years she learned hair coloring, hair-cutting, and hair texturing techniques. Also how to do manicure, pedicure, chiropody and massage therapy. We also trained her with entrepreneurial education, help her write a business plan for a mobile micro business and accompanied her to complete the 9 requirements to get a government scholarship. Today she works part time, financially supports her family and also volunteers in TRANSFORMA and in her community by supporting other young mothers in the slum. Her husband got inspired by her resilience and last year went back to school to complete a certificate as a barber. Her son won last year the 2nd place in the local school for entrepreneurial children. Juanita is now an entrepreneur, emerging social leader and an inspiration for many.

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