Asociación Latin American Sea Turtles

Environmental Education
Osa Peninsula

To create environments where humans and sea turtles can live together in balance

One beach patrol
Flipper tags
Flipper tags for 15 sea turtles
10 PIT tags
10 PIT tags for leatherback turtle identification
One patrol kit
One patrol kit includs a flashlight, rainproof paper, a waterproof backpack, gloves, and a raincoat.
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LAST (Latin American Sea Turtles) Association (formerly WIDECAST-Costa Rica) is a Costa Rican group with 11 members and a directive board of 5, working together to make a change in sea turtle conservation. We are member of WIDECAST, an international scientific network with country coordinators resident in more than 40 countries and territories of the Wider Caribbean Region. Our field teams are integrated by local assistants with unparalleled experience in sea turtle research and conservation, people with vast experience working with volunteers and environmental enthusiasts developing creative strategies to avoid the extinction of these species.

In our effort to create environments where humans and sea turtles can live together in balance, we have developed different projects. The first, a group of conservation and research programs both on the Caribbean and Southern Pacific coasts of Costa Rica. The Caribbean program is located in Pacuare Beach, where we focus on the nesting of leatherback, green, and hawksbill turtles. The South Pacific project is located in Osa Peninsular, where we work in the recovery of mangrove forests and sea grass beds as well as the in water studies of the rare Eastern Pacific hawksbill turtles and green turtles.

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